pul[led as a ]partner

i was once bird-born and drank from a well; then i was a fountain and had more than youth or age to offer, more than truth or falsity to tell. now i’m co[mpou]nductor and organic s[ynth]olid, and i’m rolled over fibers and fingers. i’ve been called mighty, but it’s only where i’ve bled that any [. . .]


time is red; now’s trap, ever of “a is, or b”, made man level redder’s tenet–not toc nor tic. Eris eddied under it, lit, ’til tired, nude, i’d desire citron cotton, tenet’s redder level, named ambrosia for eve part’s wonders i emit.

rain, pride, s[l]ight

three brothers we are, of one root born, known near the whole world ’round; we’re never from each other torn, yet never together found.

· in my range twin mountains tower, and two hills stand beside. hold me tight and i’ll lend you my power; let me go, and i’ll cure you of pride.

[. . .]