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let fire be fire. let cat be cat. let this be here, and there be that.

let liver be anger. let hand be hold. let cloth be protection. let brass be bold.

let leaf be light-eater. let red be heat. let crescent be crucial. let muscle be meat.

live, and let living be leaving and love. learn to let so below be as above.

look to the moment when lull turns to lure; carefully carry each curve of a cure.

let up and let in and let distance die. let out and let down and let what sleeps lie.

let every letter be glyphic, and glean from each line what lost words meant to mean.

lastly, allow every look to be long, every touch to be tremor, every sound to be song. let all you behold become Being behind: the world will wait if you let it, you’ll find.

Published inwithout center