when water wants our warmth

let it snow us in today (my love), snow us in our thoughts, a whiteout rift of blank[et]ing drifts to change our [th]is to what we [s]ought.

let’s go out into it, try to intuit its ins and outs; let’s be snown-on, let’s step through it ’til it’s sewn on, stitching with our footprints street by sheeted street, still clean and soft before the rushes slush it into sleet. we may be cold, we may get wet, but our house will feel so hot when we return! sometimes, you need to give up a little comfort to realize how bright your fire burns.

when we come in we’ll drink water, show snow where we’re in charge, even as it covers our beneath with its above. for we are warm, and warmer together, warmer than any winter’s weather, and melting’s the first power of our love. (later come meeting, and marking, and making, but today’s let’s be new, let’s be freshly-fallen, and attending tender to the time we’re taking, play a game of crystal pistil and powder pollen.)

it could have been rain! it could have been quickly come and as quickly gone, away and down the drain. but this is snow. snow comes to stay. and while, when it rains, we duck our heads low and hurry through its drips and drops to cover, when flakes flutter down we look up, say hello, let them land lightly on lashes and lips, lingering there like new lovers until they melt into our mouths or eyes or skins, welcoming our heat and working their ways towards our withins.

this is what we know: when water wants our warmth, it comes as snow. snow is what happens when raindrops conspire to give up their heat in exchange for desire to fall on the face of one looking above. melting is the first power of love.

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